Golf Equipment-Putters

One of the most needed golf equipment during a game is the putter.

The most famous putter of all to date is the one used by Bobby Jones, who won 13 major golf tournaments in his career. A lawyer by profession, Jones never turned professional and always played as an amateur. His putter nicknamed “Calamity Jane”was as famous as the owner himself. During those days the shaft of the Jones’ putter was made from hickory wood, which comes from a tree that has a relation to the walnut family. The putter is now on display at a museum somewhere in New Jersey and commands a seven figure price.

Putters were used as early as the 16th century and the material used evolved over the years. They also now come in different shapes and sizes.

2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley was the first PGA player to win a major tournament using a long putter, which eliminates a player from bending forward to address a ball on the green. The golfer known as “The Big Easy” and 4 time major tournament winner Ernie Els uses a belly putter, whose shaft reaches up to the stomach of the player. The normal putter is only 34 inches long and allows the arms more freedom.

If wedges have different lofts, putters have different types of balance.

The face balanced putter is for the straight line hitter and stays on the same line throughout the stroke. The toe weighted putters are for golfers who use a slightly curved stroke when trying to sink a ball in the hole. Then there is the heel and toed weighted putters, which are less forgiving if a golfer misses hitting the ball at the center of the putter.

Blade putters are for players who usually hit the ball using the heel of the putter. The mallet putter depends on its shaft for balance. The once famous Bullseye putterswhich has a brass finish is not recommended for beginners of the game since it is a little harder to control. Tom Kite’s golf equipment included this type of putter in his bag and led him to win the 1992 U.S Open.

Just like other golf equipment in the bag, it takes time to get the feel of the putter before a player gets the hang of it. Many players believe they are missing both short and long putts because they have the wrong putter for their stroke.

Trial and error will definitely help a player decide which one he would use. They should try out the putter first on the practice green before heading out to the fairways. Some putters have shafts that are too cold to handle, which makes players lose their feel of touch once they reach the fairways. That is the reason when players reach out for their putters after an approach shot, they either hold it on the grip or tuck it between their arms while walking towards the green.

Putting aids could also train players on the correct way of getting that ball in the hole. There are mats, analyzers, cups and a lot more devices that could assist in shaving off a few strokes from that scorecard.

golf equipmentThe greens on a golf course looks flat from a distance, but as the ball lands on its surface, the ball rolls as if it has a mind of its known, turning right or left, faster than the player could ever imagine.

A golfer must be able to read the greens well and with the use of the trusty putter, make the ball disappear in the hole.

If a player is a hard hitter, a light weighted putter would be needed, if it is the other way around, a heavy putter could be used in play.

The putter is always the final golf equipment in line in terms of usage in each fairway and is the deciding factor on the player’s score for that hole which is the reason it is considered to be the most essential club inside a golf bag.

The Anatomy of Effective Signage Using Digital Signage Software

The opportunities within the usage of digital signage are massive. Digital signage is one of the fastest growing audiovisual technologies used in advertising, and it has enabled new marketing opportunities and expansions over the recent years. The unique applications of digital signage allow increase in revenue in many business institutions. Because of its wider audience reach, the use of this marketing strategy extends to a broad range of clients such as in educational institutions, hospitals, and government agencies.

digital signage software To fully maximize the capability of this new technology, one must understand the interconnected parts that comprise a digital signage. Because aside from the digital signage software, there are a lot more elements needed to produce this complex advertising space. Most companies only look at the end product that digital signage can bring to their company, but to be successful with the use of this space, they must expand their comprehension in the different areas of digital signage production. This includes, the (1) software, (2) hardware, (3) content, (4) connectivity, (5) design, and (6) operations.

1. Software. One of the most important considerations in producing the signage is the software where the output will be created. There are tons of digital signage software providers available everywhere and what the companies must really be careful of is choosing the software that can perfectly deliver their messages. Every software has their own advantages and disadvantages, so companies must be aware of the feature they should be looking in a software provider.

2. Hardware. Just like most technologies today, digital signage requires much hardware to operate. This includes LCD displays, mounts, cables, connectors, amplifiers, and computers where the software is installed. A lot of manufacturers distribute high quality hardware for producing digital signage, so there wouldn’t really be a big trouble in finding the necessary equipment to install a digital signage.

3. Content. Content is produced via the digital signage software and is the main reason why the signage exists. Companies need good contents to promote their causes and to do this; they will need creative texts and images for a message to be conveyed more effectively.

4.Connection. The connection that will help the advertisement transfer from one source to another is a huge factor in the success of a promotional delivery. Companies must consider if they will use the internet or a cloud network so they will know how fast their advertisement will reach their target audience. Most of the digital signage today uses wired systems but an internet-powered digital signage is more capable of reaching more locations.

5. System design. The overall blueprint design of the system serve as the backbone of any digital signage project. It must depend on the environment and resources of the company and the locations where the signage will be placed. A good plan is key to a good installation and execution. The success of both hardware and software components depend on how it is laid out in the overall system design.

6. Operation. After the plan is laid out and all the contents were already finished designing using the digital signage software, it is now time to operate the system. This part of the process involves the actual installation and maintenance of the design signage, thus the longest phase in every design signage project.

Each and every elements mentioned above contribute to the success of a business brand awareness campaign. In one way or another, it will affect the revenue of the company which is why producing the perfect digital signage shall not be neglected. A digital signage project must be able to meet the company’s objectives, increase their sales, and disseminate proper and updated information. There shouldn’t be any points to be missed so facilitation must be well taken care off by an expert.

How to Conduct a Survey for Employee Engagement

An employee engagement survey is a tool to determine if an employee is committed or engaged with his/her work. It also shows how an employee performs his/her tasks: whether there is willingness, pride, and self-initiative towards their work. An employee engagement survey has been very useful in helping organizations achieve their business goals.

In order to make an employee engagement survey, the employer needs to understand what he is looking for. He should be able to craft the right questions to ask to elicit the kind of answers that would be useful for the company. The questions prepared must be wisely chosen by the human resource to make sure that the survey will give positive and useful results for evaluation. Questions such as “how do you value your work?” and “until when do you plan to stay in the company” are good starting questions to see if an employee is loyal and if he/she gives importance to the work and the organization.

employee engagementAn employee may have a difficulty in evaluating or answering the questions about how they work and their behavior towards their job. Self-evaluation is very critical in a survey; it depends on how they judge and value their contribution to the organization. An employee engagement survey can also include questions that are about the employee’s relationship with the other employees.

The designated personnel should be tasked to consolidate the answers and tally the most common responses to specific questions. In this step, the human resource will identify which of the questions were answered negatively and positively and come up with the necessary remedial initiatives.

The employee engagement survey is not only designed to determine how employees value their work, but also defines the problems or causes that keeps the employee from performing tasks effectively. From the answers gathered, a common problem will show, and that is where the solutions should come from.  In the question of “How long do you want to stay in the company?” for example, some employees may answer: “I don’t see any reason to stay in the company; the employees are difficult to be with.” It is easy for the company’s HR to realize where the problem is coming from as it is clearly stated in the answer. The proper solutions in getting past hindrances to developing employee loyalty can be planned. Perhaps the company should take the necessary steps to improve employee relationships with employee engagement activities. The right activities should yield positive results in the employees and consequently improve the way they view their jobs and their coworkers.

Determining the problem and solution will never give a positive result without application. Solutions like forums, training, rewards and other possible solutions to possible problems could not always result into what is expected. This is the step where the employees are given the chance to improve themselves. Reflect, review and compare how they behave with their work, what is the ideal performance or goal, and look at their mistakes for improvement.

If all of the other steps still does not work, this is where the fifth step comes in – counsel. If not all of the solutions give a positive result, the best way is to talk directly to the employee. Some employees are not that responsive in giving answers to a survey question, they require better means of communication to open up the real problem.

There is nothing better than having an open communication between employees, leaders, and other-employees. A great success of business requires good relationships both inside and outside the organization. Conducting an employee engagement survey could be a good start for companies concerned about how to motivate their employees to work more productively.

Shopping for Misters

Plenty of people get lost and confused when they start looking at misters for their home or business. People are starting to make the shift to using mist fans to beat the heat as they abandon their use of air conditioners.

Using air conditioners is starting to take a toll on most people’s bank accounts given by the fact that the price for electricity has risen, and will continue to rise, over the past few years. People are also concerned about the planet’s health as air conditioners have had a negative impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, shopping for a mist fan can be a difficult task for some people. Generally, the issue most people have is that they have no clue how to separate the right mister from the wrong one. Sure, every now and then a few people make a good decision, but there is still a difference between a good choice and the right choice.

Luckily, getting the right mist fan from all the different misters out there does not have to be difficult. A person can simply arm themselves with the right kind of information in order to avoid a potentially disastrous and costly mistake.

Below are a few rules and guidelines that can help people with getting themselves a good mist fan.

Going with plastic or metal mist fans

Mist fans are built using either metal or plastic. This is true for all fans. Either kind of building material has its own pros and cons.

The good thing about getting a plastic mist fan is that they are cheaper than metal models. Plastic mist fans present a good option for those who do not plan on spending much for their mist fan. The downside to plastic mist fans is that they were never meant for outdoor use. The plastic materials are incapable of withstanding the devastating effects of the outdoor elements.

Metal mist fans are the best option for those who plan on using their mist fan for outdoor applications. These are built to last and are capable of withstanding brutal punishment from outdoor elements. The downside to metal mist fans is that they are significantly more expensive that their plastic counterparts. The reason for the price difference is that metal is much more expensive to produce.

Misters and selecting the right pressure

Mist fans come in three different pressure levels. The pressure depends largely on a person’s needs as higher is not always better. A lot of people think that mist fans with high pressure water pump systems are better than the rest. This can be a mistake equivalent to trying to water a potted plant with a fire hose. People need to match their needs with the mist fan’s pressure system.

High pressure mist fans are the mist fans people usually see in large outdoor events. These are ideal for cooling a large area, especially outdoors as they generate the most amount of pressure. The large pressure allows the mist fan to cool a larger area that most mist fans cannot. They are expensive, but performance justifies the cost.

Medium pressure mist fans are ideal for those who just want a mist fan for their house. These give the right kind of performance who want something indoors, but can still be used for moderate outdoor use. These do not cost as much as a high pressure mist fan, but are more expensive than a low pressure mist fan.

Finally there are the low pressure mist fans. These are uncommon. The people who buy these are those who are on the lookout for a mist fan for personal use. These misters offer the lowest performance at the lowest price.

Milo, Auramist’s 18″ misters, is the latest addition to our collection of innovative cooling solutions.

What you don’t want to experience when you buy youtube likes?

Youtube has been an important tool to provide credibility to businesses. This is because of the observed relationship between the increase of youtube likes and sales. This simply means that an increase in the business’ number of youtube likes can also bring an increase in their sales.

With this relationship presented, some companies resorted to engage in extreme methods just to improve their reputation and sales. One such practice is that they buy youtube likes.

This practice, however, can bring you and your business the following disadvantages:

youtube likes• The youtube likes may not be your target market – If you choose to buy youtube likes, the idea is to provide you with an increase in the numbers. Although this can be advantageous in marketing your products or services, one disadvantage that it offers is that most of your youtube likes might not be interested on what you’re offering. The reason that you need youtube likes is that they can repost (called as re-tweet) and let other people know that your business can provide what they need.

Thus, if your youtube likes are not interested or do not even need what you’re selling, it is highly possible that they will not “spread the word” and re-tweet your messages, regardless of their number. In this sense, even with the increased number of youtube likes, your marketing efforts will not reach other people if they are not directed on target customers.

• There might be an eventual decrease in the number of youtube likes – When you buy youtube likes, you cannot guarantee that all of them will continue to follow you forever. Websites that sell Youtube follows only aim to provide the promised number of youtube likes, not to maintain this number. Once they reach this goal, they have fulfilled their duty; whatever action the youtube likes take is entirely out of the hands of the seller. Thus, it can be implied that buying youtube likes for your business only provides a temporary boost on your credibility.

• You may be buying robots – If you buy youtube likes, there is a good chance that you’re buying robots. This is because most of those who will be following you may be fake accounts that are just made by the moderators of websites that sell Youtube likes. This may only be the only method that they can think of rather than find other people who will consent into following a Youtube account that they’re not even interested in. Thus, we can say that even with a large number of youtube likes, only a few of them are genuinely interested in your product and service and repost your messages – the rest are just fake accounts that will never spread your business name across the whole platform.

• There are serious dangers associated with buying youtube likes – Many of the websites who sell Youtube likes can damage your business’ Youtube account and reputation. This is because some of these fake accounts may affect other accounts, especially your genuine youtube likes, with link spam which aim is to market their business of selling youtube likes rather than repost your messages. There is also the risk of transacting with bogus websites, or those that will trick you into providing the promised result once you gave your credit card details or have paid the agreed amount.

• You can get caught – As the system of buying youtube likes has become widespread, certain measures were made to determine which accounts have fake Youtube likes. Once caught, the reputation of the business can suffer a huge blow. It could be that their few genuine youtube likes and negative comments about your fake reputation may spread. This could lead into fewer transactions and embarrassment as well.

Although there are advantages when you buy youtube likes, you should also consider the consequences that come along with doing it. Numbers may build your reputation and credibility, but placing quality (having genuine youtube likes) over quantity is a better way to go when building the image of your business on Youtube.


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What are Depository Safes?

A safe is a great way to keep anything, well, safe. Historically, things like oak chests and iron boxes have kept very important things safe from risks such as fires and thieves.

depository safesIn today’s world, one of the most common things people put into a safe is money. From something as big as business profits to your simple life savings, a safe is a great way of keeping your money away from those people who want to take it away from you.

However, an ordinary safe is not really the most ideal place to keep your money. One reason is it’s hard to put money into the safe in the first place. You have to either punch in your code or turn the dial in order to open the safe. Only then can you put the money in the safe and lock it, finally keeping your money safe.

Now, an old safe may be good if you’re saving up, but what if you have a business? A safe isn’t going to be a good place to hide your cash since it may soon be too small. You may end up having to buy more safes, or at least getting a bigger one, just to keep up.

This kind of safekeeping may be good for storage, but it’s very inefficient. And in the business world, efficiency is everything. So, what’s the humble businessman to do? What if you have a way of storing money in a safe without constantly re-entering your code or turning the dial to open it? What if you didn’t have to worry about the size of your safe?

Enter depository safes. A depository safe, or drop safe, is a way of protecting your cash for a short period of time, usually a day or a week. Businesses such as convenience stores, hotels, bars and restaurants use depository safes for their money storage needs. It’s a convenient way of keeping your cash without worrying about having inadequate space.

How it works

Depository safes are designed in such a way that you do not need to constantly open the safe door just to put in money. All depository safes have some kind of opening, or hopper, where you can put in the money. A drop safe hopper has three types:

  • Front loading. This is the most popular type of hopper. As the name implies, the money is dropped into the front of the safe through a small opening.
  • Rear loading. This kind of hopper is frequently seen in businesses that have a locked room where they store their money. It works similar to a library return slot, where you have the opening in front and the door to the compartment at the back.
  • Rotary hopper. This is a specialized hopper for those with bigger packages. It works by using a drum system that you can rotate after placing an item through the large slot.

The rotary hopper option is generally larger than the previous two, making it a great option for big businesses who handle large amounts of cash. As far as securing the compartment itself, options include a basic lock and key mechanism, a combination dial, an electronic keypad lock, or, if you’ve got a lot of money to spare, a biometric lock. There’s also an option for you to get a lock that has an electronic audit trail, which lets you see who last opened the safe.

Along with the compartment lock, depository safes also have a feature that prevents anyone from simply reaching in, or fishing from, the hopper to get to the cash inside without opening the compartment door. Most drop safes have an anti-fishing device installed with the hopper to prevent cases of thieves or employees trying to get to the cash.

Although it’s not fire-proof, drop safes are your best bet for storing money for a short time without having to worry about your cash being stolen. With all the safety features installed, as well as how it’s designed, it’s a perfect way of storing your cash out of sight.

The Convenience of Using Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most convenient and practical approach to improve your business’ services; and here’s why:

Making Online Transactions More Convenient

live chatPeople today like fast responses; that is one of the reasons why most of people prefer to shop and do business online rather than drive to a retail store. The same goes for banking since all they have to do is log into their online account, check how much they have in the bank, pay bills and even receive payment from services or from the company they are with.

With the convenience offered by online services, you may think businesses that are into this are better off compared to those in walk-in establishments. It may provide fast transactions, larger options, and even convenience both time and in money, but what most business owners miss with this is the opportunity to connect more with their clients. This is where live chat comes in.

Real Time Communication Solutions

One of the means online businesses use to connect with their clients is email services. These can either be accomplished as a ready to fill up online form or by posting their email address. Through this customers are able to forward their concerns to the customer service. The only disadvantage to this is the time of reply. It may take a few hours or days. To help lessen the waiting time, customers are provided with a hotline they can call to forward their concerns.

Call centers are a great way to communicate real time with the customer service agents. For the business, they are able to interact more efficiently and are able to provide solutions immediately. This helps provide a more personalized service experience. While it has helped business meet with customer satisfaction, it still poses certain disadvantage. First, there’s the cost of call billed to the customer; and second is the number navigation they have to go through before they get connected.

The perfect solution for this is live chat. As a real time communication feature, it allows customers to immediately forward their concern and get instant reply. They don’t have to wait for an email nor dial for to get connected. It is efficient for both client and agent as they are able to communicate more effectively and meet decisions concerning shopping and availing services.

Chat Support Benefits

Customers are more satisfied with the fast response a chat support provides. They are able to decide immediately on the item to purchase and even get their complaints addressed. Those who own the business also get great benefits from adding this feature to their website, other than increased customer satisfaction.

  • Business owners are able to determine the changes needed in their business. Through chat support they are able to determine immediately what customers, from how they do business to the products and services they offer.
  • Business owners save more with a chat support. Having a chat agent is cheaper than a call center. In addition, adding the software is easier especially with widgets available.
  • Service agents can multitask as they are able to communicate with more than one person. It saves time and provides work efficiency.
  • The business is able to connect more with clients. With the chat support they are able to build better relationships with customers as agents are able to help them understand the product more. It also enhances the possibility of having a full cart before customers go offline.

Live Chat’s Business Efficiency

Having a chat support feature provides more benefits other than the items mentioned earlier. Whatever the rest are, the benefits can still be summed up into one word: “convenience”. Customers loves to meet their needs fast especially with their busy schedules both at home and work. These supports help them to multi task too since they get to browse while talking to an agent. They also feel their value more being provided with a personalized service. Live chat has earned a good reputation for increasing customer’s satisfaction. If you still do not have this service in your website, then it’s time to shop around for the best services available.

Start monitoring your website with live chat software.

White Hat SEO Services

We have all heard of the term ‘search engine optimization’ and with that, the term ‘black hat SEO services’ is also floated around. This is essentially a term for shady SEO practices. But what is ‘white hat SEO services? Basically it is one aspect of SEO – it is a method that companies are using to increase their visibility on the bigger search engines – namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. These tactics are ethical practices that are approved by these search engines. They will help you optimize your website and increase its ranking.

White-Hat-SEO-ServicesWhile black hat SEO services are rampant in today’s world, it is easy to find white hat SEO services from companies that are looking to play by the rules and succeed this way. The idea behind white hat SEO is that if you follow the rules that the search engines lay out for you, you will be able to succeed and you will not be punished. These acceptable techniques are continuing to grow and be enhanced. It has been designed in such a way that if a SEO company chooses black hat SEO practices over white hat SEO practice, they will be punished. If you are propositioned by a company who practices black hat SEO, stay away from them because it will be you that is punished, not them!

In order to understand what white hat SEO is, we should give you a few examples to learn from. Creating new, relevant and informative content is one way that you can ensure your rankings will increase. Making one set of good content is not good enough either, you need to continually add content to keep it fresh and engaging – not only for the search engines, but for your readers as well! This will keep them interested and engaged and ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Secondly, building external links is another acceptable white hat SEO method. First of all, search engines will see that sites are linking back to your website and they will take this as a sign that you are informative and helpful to the reader. Make sure that the links are coming from related sites because if they are not, search engines will know this and you will be punished. Secondly, they send users directly to your site, which is exactly what you want!

Tagging and coding is another white hat SEO service. It is important to use proper tagging and coding because search engines will scroll your pages. If you do not know how to do this yourself, consider hiring an SEO services company to help you out. To ensure safe practices, make sure you know exactly what is going on with your website because the alternative isn’t good!