What are Depository Safes?

A safe is a great way to keep anything, well, safe. Historically, things like oak chests and iron boxes have kept very important things safe from risks such as fires and thieves.

depository safesIn today’s world, one of the most common things people put into a safe is money. From something as big as business profits to your simple life savings, a safe is a great way of keeping your money away from those people who want to take it away from you.

However, an ordinary safe is not really the most ideal place to keep your money. One reason is it’s hard to put money into the safe in the first place. You have to either punch in your code or turn the dial in order to open the safe. Only then can you put the money in the safe and lock it, finally keeping your money safe.

Now, an old safe may be good if you’re saving up, but what if you have a business? A safe isn’t going to be a good place to hide your cash since it may soon be too small. You may end up having to buy more safes, or at least getting a bigger one, just to keep up.

This kind of safekeeping may be good for storage, but it’s very inefficient. And in the business world, efficiency is everything. So, what’s the humble businessman to do? What if you have a way of storing money in a safe without constantly re-entering your code or turning the dial to open it? What if you didn’t have to worry about the size of your safe?

Enter depository safes. A depository safe, or drop safe, is a way of protecting your cash for a short period of time, usually a day or a week. Businesses such as convenience stores, hotels, bars and restaurants use depository safes for their money storage needs. It’s a convenient way of keeping your cash without worrying about having inadequate space.

How it works

Depository safes are designed in such a way that you do not need to constantly open the safe door just to put in money. All depository safes have some kind of opening, or hopper, where you can put in the money. A drop safe hopper has three types:

  • Front loading. This is the most popular type of hopper. As the name implies, the money is dropped into the front of the safe through a small opening.
  • Rear loading. This kind of hopper is frequently seen in businesses that have a locked room where they store their money. It works similar to a library return slot, where you have the opening in front and the door to the compartment at the back.
  • Rotary hopper. This is a specialized hopper for those with bigger packages. It works by using a drum system that you can rotate after placing an item through the large slot.

The rotary hopper option is generally larger than the previous two, making it a great option for big businesses who handle large amounts of cash. As far as securing the compartment itself, options include a basic lock and key mechanism, a combination dial, an electronic keypad lock, or, if you’ve got a lot of money to spare, a biometric lock. There’s also an option for you to get a lock that has an electronic audit trail, which lets you see who last opened the safe.

Along with the compartment lock, depository safes also have a feature that prevents anyone from simply reaching in, or fishing from, the hopper to get to the cash inside without opening the compartment door. Most drop safes have an anti-fishing device installed with the hopper to prevent cases of thieves or employees trying to get to the cash.

Although it’s not fire-proof, drop safes are your best bet for storing money for a short time without having to worry about your cash being stolen. With all the safety features installed, as well as how it’s designed, it’s a perfect way of storing your cash out of sight.

The Convenience of Using Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most convenient and practical approach to improve your business’ services; and here’s why:

Making Online Transactions More Convenient

live chatPeople today like fast responses; that is one of the reasons why most of people prefer to shop and do business online rather than drive to a retail store. The same goes for banking since all they have to do is log into their online account, check how much they have in the bank, pay bills and even receive payment from services or from the company they are with.

With the convenience offered by online services, you may think businesses that are into this are better off compared to those in walk-in establishments. It may provide fast transactions, larger options, and even convenience both time and in money, but what most business owners miss with this is the opportunity to connect more with their clients. This is where live chat comes in.

Real Time Communication Solutions

One of the means online businesses use to connect with their clients is email services. These can either be accomplished as a ready to fill up online form or by posting their email address. Through this customers are able to forward their concerns to the customer service. The only disadvantage to this is the time of reply. It may take a few hours or days. To help lessen the waiting time, customers are provided with a hotline they can call to forward their concerns.

Call centers are a great way to communicate real time with the customer service agents. For the business, they are able to interact more efficiently and are able to provide solutions immediately. This helps provide a more personalized service experience. While it has helped business meet with customer satisfaction, it still poses certain disadvantage. First, there’s the cost of call billed to the customer; and second is the number navigation they have to go through before they get connected.

The perfect solution for this is live chat. As a real time communication feature, it allows customers to immediately forward their concern and get instant reply. They don’t have to wait for an email nor dial for to get connected. It is efficient for both client and agent as they are able to communicate more effectively and meet decisions concerning shopping and availing services.

Chat Support Benefits

Customers are more satisfied with the fast response a chat support provides. They are able to decide immediately on the item to purchase and even get their complaints addressed. Those who own the business also get great benefits from adding this feature to their website, other than increased customer satisfaction.

  • Business owners are able to determine the changes needed in their business. Through chat support they are able to determine immediately what customers, from how they do business to the products and services they offer.
  • Business owners save more with a chat support. Having a chat agent is cheaper than a call center. In addition, adding the software is easier especially with widgets available.
  • Service agents can multitask as they are able to communicate with more than one person. It saves time and provides work efficiency.
  • The business is able to connect more with clients. With the chat support they are able to build better relationships with customers as agents are able to help them understand the product more. It also enhances the possibility of having a full cart before customers go offline.

Live Chat’s Business Efficiency

Having a chat support feature provides more benefits other than the items mentioned earlier. Whatever the rest are, the benefits can still be summed up into one word: “convenience”. Customers loves to meet their needs fast especially with their busy schedules both at home and work. These supports help them to multi task too since they get to browse while talking to an agent. They also feel their value more being provided with a personalized service. Live chat has earned a good reputation for increasing customer’s satisfaction. If you still do not have this service in your website, then it’s time to shop around for the best services available.

Start monitoring your website with live chat software.

The Ultimate Goal of SEO services: Rank and Maintain your Site

Consider yourself lucky if your website has consistently been shown on the top of the search engines’ lists. By now, you may already be reaping the benefits of the good SEO practices that your SEO agency may have employed. So does this mean that you are ready to let go of your SEO provider?

Unless your company has had the privilege of setting up its own SEO unit successfully and proven that this group could help sustain your sales levels, take heed: one wrong move and all your hard work could easily go down the drain.

SEO services do not only end with providing you a good website, complete with meta tags and all. It is also about having it updated for relevance, checking for links that may not be working for you, providing user friendly links that make the user open your site. Gone were the days when keyword density is topmost concern. Now, keyword stuffing could lead to penalties. Search engine algorithms change: what may be working then may not necessarily work now. In other words, SEO is dynamic.

SEO-ServicesThose who hire SEO services may be surprised of the fact that since search algorithms changes, so do their rankings. Questions as “What did we do wrong?” may not be answered. The reason is search engine parameters may have changed. And this is what companies offering SEO services are there for: to makes sure that their customers’ information sits well with what the search engines require. Otherwise, your site does not show up and traffic declines.

If you are successful in maintaining your top position in the searches, the next question now would be: what percentage of this traffic could potentially translate to sales? If you get your traffic right, your next challenge will be keeping your user’s attention by giving quality content. It is not just a matter of blabbering out details about your product, stuffing your site with details that the user might not find interesting. It is presenting to your user the benefits that he will derive at using your product.

If you have gotten your user’s attention this far, then the only concern left would be affordability. If you are reaching a global market, you can as easily price your products as nearly the same with your competitors. Since you have already convinced your user based on the benefits you have given, presenting a price a few steps higher than your next nearest competitor could sway the buying decision to your competitor. After all, price still dictates a lot of the buying decisions, most especially if you had not been very keen on differentiating your product from the rest.

Your SEO services provider should be used for as long as you are bent on joining the internet marketing bandwagon. It is your partner in making sure you get the necessary traffic to your website, attracting users to view your product with the end in view of convincing them that they need to buy it.

White Hat SEO Services

We have all heard of the term ‘search engine optimization’ and with that, the term ‘black hat SEO services’ is also floated around. This is essentially a term for shady SEO practices. But what is ‘white hat SEO services? Basically it is one aspect of SEO – it is a method that companies are using to increase their visibility on the bigger search engines – namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. These tactics are ethical practices that are approved by these search engines. They will help you optimize your website and increase its ranking.

White-Hat-SEO-ServicesWhile black hat SEO services are rampant in today’s world, it is easy to find white hat SEO services from companies that are looking to play by the rules and succeed this way. The idea behind white hat SEO is that if you follow the rules that the search engines lay out for you, you will be able to succeed and you will not be punished. These acceptable techniques are continuing to grow and be enhanced. It has been designed in such a way that if a SEO company chooses black hat SEO practices over white hat SEO practice, they will be punished. If you are propositioned by a company who practices black hat SEO, stay away from them because it will be you that is punished, not them!

In order to understand what white hat SEO is, we should give you a few examples to learn from. Creating new, relevant and informative content is one way that you can ensure your rankings will increase. Making one set of good content is not good enough either, you need to continually add content to keep it fresh and engaging – not only for the search engines, but for your readers as well! This will keep them interested and engaged and ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Secondly, building external links is another acceptable white hat SEO method. First of all, search engines will see that sites are linking back to your website and they will take this as a sign that you are informative and helpful to the reader. Make sure that the links are coming from related sites because if they are not, search engines will know this and you will be punished. Secondly, they send users directly to your site, which is exactly what you want!

Tagging and coding is another white hat SEO service. It is important to use proper tagging and coding because search engines will scroll your pages. If you do not know how to do this yourself, consider hiring an SEO services company to help you out. To ensure safe practices, make sure you know exactly what is going on with your website because the alternative isn’t good!